Securing the Future with Innovative Cybersecurity & IT Solutions

IMRI’s Comprehensive Suite of Advanced Solutions

IMRI is a forward-thinking organization, leveraging a suite of cutting-edge solutions to support our customer’s technological initiatives. Our offerings encompass a broad spectrum of services, including secure, high-speed connectivity with Celerway’s technologies; comprehensive managed security services via partnership with Cytellix; network visibility, security, and compliance enhancement through FireMon’s solutions; advanced data analytics, mainframe modernization, and cloud migration facilitated by mLogica; and superior database migration and data management services powered by Verge Technologies’ SentientDB.


IMRI leverages Celerway’s state-of-the-art products to boost our network connectivity and resilience, establishing robust, multi-path networks that deliver uninterrupted service even under challenging conditions. With Celerway’s advanced routing algorithms and zero-trust capabilities integrated into our approach, we maintain high-speed, stable connections while enhancing security by continuously validating every user, device, and network. This strategic application of Celerway’s solutions elevates our operational efficiency and fortifies our network infrastructure, allowing us to provide secure, top-tier services to our customers. IMRI, in partnership with Celerway, persistently pushes the boundaries in network connectivity, resilience, and security.


IMRI utilizes the powerful solutions of Cytellix, a premier cybersecurity firm, to provide robust managed security services across various sectors such as the federal government, manufacturing, and small businesses. Cytellix’s proactive approach, backed by proprietary technology, enables us to offer SOC as a Service, managed detection response/extended detection response, cybersecurity risk management, threat management, and remediation. These unique solutions help us identify and mitigate potential threats before they affect our customers.


IMRI effectively integrates FireMon’s solutions to provide superior service to our customers. FireMon, as a leading network security management company, offers state-of-the-art tools that IMRI utilizes to enhance network visibility, tighten security, and improve compliance. We use FireMon’s capabilities for continuous policy and posture management, enabling us to identify potential network vulnerabilities and address them proactively. This approach ensures our customers’ networks remain secure and compliant, reducing their risk profile. By leveraging FireMon’s innovative solutions, IMRI helps customers optimize their network performance while maintaining stringent security protocols.


IMRI harnesses mLogica’s advanced solutions to bolster its service offerings for its customers. Through mLogica’s CAP*M, a complex event analytics platform powered by state-of-the-art AI and ML capabilities, IMRI aids customers in transforming large volumes of data into actionable insights. This not only drives informed decision-making but also enables strategic planning. Furthermore, IMRI takes advantage of LIBER*M, mLogica’s automated tool for mainframe modernization and cloud migration, to enable seamless modernization of their customer systems. Thanks to mLogica’s experienced personnel and thorough testing, LIBER*M facilitates swift and precise migration of intricate on-premise mainframe applications to the cloud.

Verge SentientDB

IMRI adeptly applies the power of Verge Technologies SentientDB to provide superior data management services to its customers. This advanced database software uses AI and machine learning algorithms to process and analyze large volumes of data swiftly and accurately. With SentientDB, IMRI can help its customers transform raw data into actionable insights, leading to more informed decision-making and strategic planning. By leveraging this innovative solution, IMRI is able to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of its customer’s operations, ultimately driving its digital transformation initiatives forward.