Unifying GRC & MDR/XDR for Robust Defense


At IMRI, we prioritize delivering superior services to our customers. That’s why we rely on Cytellix’s innovative SaaS platform that seamlessly integrates cybersecurity, compliance, and risk management. Our partnership with Cytellix ensures the utmost security of our customers’ sensitive data in today’s ever-changing digital landscape. With Cytellix, our advanced cybersecurity measures shield against potential threats and mitigate risks. Cytellix’s compliance features ensure adherence to industry regulations, minimizing legal and financial consequences.

The Cytellix Cyber Watch Portal (CCWP) also leverages zero-trust architecture, eliminating implicit trust and implementing least access policies. It secures application components, logs and monitors their communication for validation, and prevents lateral movement of data. This “trust but verify” approach promises the highest level of security and compliance.

How it Works

Cytellix Cyber Watch Portal

IMRI integrates CCWP into our cybersecurity strategy, providing customers with an all-in-one solution for governance, risk management, compliance, and advanced detection and response capabilities. Utilizing AI and machine learning, CCWP delivers real-time insights, data correlation, immediate threat detection, response, and executive reporting. This consolidated view of their cybersecurity status empowers our customers to stay ahead of cyber threats, demonstrating IMRI’s commitment to delivering unmatched value.

CCWP also caters to supply chain organizations with regulatory obligations for cybersecurity, and overall cyber threat, vulnerability, and reporting obligations, Cytellix’s multi-framework support encompasses all standards-based cybersecurity including ISO, NIST, PCI, SOC II. This comprehensive coverage prepares our ustomers to meet their obligations in a cost-effective and low friction process. With Cytellix’s patented solutions, our customers can have the assurance that their data is secure and compliant with all necessary regulations.


IMRI and Cytellix collaborate to provide a robust and affordable cybersecurity solution. The Cytellix platform streamlines risk management and threat detection, promptly identifying and addressing potential threats through advanced technology and skilled engineers. Our seamless Cyber-SaaS Solution aims to ensure the safety and confidentiality of your current infrastructure and tools. Entrust IMRI and Cytellix to enhance your cybersecurity operations and elevate your overall cyber posture.