Redefining Network Security with Advanced Automation & Zero Trust


IMRI’s commitment to innovation is evident in our collaboration with FireMon. As a trusted provider of network security policy management solutions, FireMon offers visibility, control, and automation for robust security infrastructures. Leveraging these solutions bolsters our cybersecurity offerings, providing early vulnerability identification, precise policy control, and quick adaptation to threat landscape changes. The automation feature streamlines our customers’ operations, enhancing efficiency and reducing human error. FireMon’s zero trust capabilities also aids organizations transitioning to Zero Trust architecture by providing complete network visibility, automated policy management, workflow policy automation, and real-time risk management. This comprehensive solution ensures security compliance and business agility while minimizing potential threats.

How it Works

Policy Management

At IMRI, we offer exceptional security solutions to our customerss by utilizing FireMon’s Policy Management services. With FireMon’s streamlined solution, we can efficiently create, implement, and enforce policies, all on a centralized platform that manages policies across multiple network devices. This comprehensive approach not only eliminates any inconsistencies or gaps in policies but also guarantees a strong and secure environment for our customers. As part of our commitment to delivering the most robust security measures, FireMon’s Policy Management services enable us to monitor and adjust policies in real-time, ensuring our customers’ security infrastructure remains up-to-date and resilient against emerging threats.

Asset Visibility

We understand that asset visibility is crucial to effective and efficient network management. That’s why we utilize FireMon’s robust solution to ensure comprehensive asset visibility for our customers. FireMon’s advanced services enable us to excel in network resource administration, optimization, and most importantly, asset visibility. Their proficiency extends to asset management including discovery, inventory handling, monitoring, tracking, optimization, and rationalization services. With their tools at our disposal, we’re able to provide unrivaled visibility, ensuring that every asset is accounted for and optimally utilized.


IMRI harnesses the power of FireMon’s advanced automation capabilities to revolutionize our customers’ security operations. By automating essential tasks including policy management, security workflows, incident response, and compliance tracking, we take efficiency to new heights. Our use of FireMon’s solution translates into real-time responses to security threats, continuous regulatory compliance, and strategic resource allocation. This not only bolsters security but also empowers our customers to focus on their core business objectives without worrying about security management.

Risk & Threat Modeling

At IMRI, we leverage FireMon’s Risk and Threat Modeling services to provide immense value to our customers. We employ comprehensive analysis methods that enable us to identify vulnerabilities and evaluate threats to their data and network infrastructure. By simulating potential attack scenarios, we can pinpoint probable avenues of attack and develop robust strategies for risk mitigation. Our unwavering commitment to cybersecurity drives our dedication to minimizing risks and protecting our customers’ valuable assets.


Our utilization of FireMon empowers us to provide customers with a wide range of cybersecurity benefits. These encompass simplified compliance reporting, prompt breach detection, and automated rule recertification workflows. With the aid of FireMon, we ensure efficient policy management, swift deployment, and effective risk mitigation. By conducting customized assessments, integrating third-party scanners, and performing risk simulations, we assist customers in identifying and addressing potential risks. Through our collaboration with FireMon, we deliver tailored and comprehensive cybersecurity solutions.