Verge SentientDB

Streamlining Data Management with Verge SentientDB


IMRI partners with Verge Technologies to leverage SentientDB, an innovative database platform-as-a-service (dbPaaS) that enables AI-based data management. The SentientDB platform enhances our ability to manage multi/hybrid cloud environments, optimize database performance, and meet recovery point and recovery time objectives (RPO/RTO) for disaster recovery to ensure zero downtime for users, processes, and applications. It streamlines infrastructure management, automates server provisioning, and allows for seamless navigation of hybrid cloud environments, all leading to significant cost savings and accelerated cloud adoption. Furthermore, SentientDB simplifies the transition of enterprise databases to cost-effective public cloud services, proactively optimizes database environments based on predefined cognitive policies, and manages service provisioning, delivery, and assurance throughout the database lifecycle while maintaining transactional integrity. Our partnership with Verge Technologies reinforces our dedication to being at the forefront of technological advancements in our industry.

How it Works

Real-Time Monitoring

IMRI leverages the power of SentientDB to provide our customers with unparalleled cloud management solutions. SentientDB is the ultimate tool for managing multi/hybrid cloud environments, optimizing database performance, and achieving RPO/RTO goals. It streamlines infrastructure management and automates server provisioning, eliminating the need for custom vendor environments and resulting in significant cost savings. Our customers can seamlessly navigate hybrid cloud environments with SentientDB, accelerating their cloud adoption and maximizing return on investment. Furthermore, SentientDB simplifies the migration of enterprise databases to more affordable infrastructures offered by public cloud services

Optimize Your Database Environment

SentientDB is a powerful solution that evaluates data based on predefined cognitive policies and thresholds for each database. This sophisticated system allows it to proactively take the necessary actions to optimize your database environment instantly. Regardless of whether you operate in a single or multi/hybrid environment, SentientDB seamlessly executes these actions to ensure peak performance. Furthermore, SentientDB’s advanced algorithms are continually learning and adapting based on your database usage patterns. This unique feature significantly enhances its ability to predict and preempt potential issues before they can impact your operations, ensuring optimal efficiency and reliability at all times.

Enhancing Database Performance & Reliability

SentientDB is a powerful solution that streamlines service provisioning, delivery, and assurance for the entire database lifecycle. With SentientDB, you can create an optimized operating environment while maintaining the utmost transactional integrity. Its intelligent algorithms are constantly at work, predicting potential bottlenecks and automatically taking corrective measures to maintain smooth operations. This dynamic tool not only enhances the efficiency of your database system but also significantly reduces the need for manual intervention. As a result, your resources are freed up to focus on other important tasks, thereby improving overall productivity and effectiveness within your organization.


Utilizing SentientDB, IMRI provides numerous benefits to its customers. This powerful tool simplifies infrastructure management and automates the process of server provisioning, thereby eliminating the necessity for specific vendor environments and leading to considerable cost reductions. It enables effortless navigation within hybrid cloud environments, expediting cloud adoption and maximizing investment returns. Furthermore, SentientDB smoothens the transfer of enterprise databases to more budget-friendly infrastructures supported by public cloud services. Based on IDC’s research, using cloud application services like SentientDB can deliver extraordinary results, including a 520% ROI, a 70% cut in time-to-market, an 80% boost in app launches, and a decrease in infrastructure costs by between 75-85%. Customers can rely on SentientDB for assured security, autonomy, portability, and scalability, making it universally adaptable with any server or network vendor infrastructure across all cloud platforms.