Candice Whitlock

Sr. Director of HR & Administration

Candice Whitlock is an accomplished HR professional who is truly passionate about people and dedicated to creating a positive workplace environment. With her experience and expertise, Candice has become a trusted leader in the field of Human Resources.

Originally from Southern California, Candice embarked on her HR career after completing a bachelor’s degree in business administration specializing in HR Management from CSU, Hayward. This educational foundation equipped her with a solid understanding of the complex nature of managing human capital, a skill that would prove invaluable in her future endeavors.

Candice’s HR journey began as an HR Coordinator at Community Service Programs, a non-profit organization in Southern California. It didn’t take long for her to showcase her natural talent for talent acquisition, employee engagement, and HR strategy. Throughout the years, she continued to refine her skills and climb the corporate ladder, consistently making significant contributions to every organization she worked with.

In 2019, Candice took on the role of Human Resources Manager at IMRI and quickly rose to the position of Senior Director of Human Resources and Administration. As the head of HR, she is responsible for overseeing all areas of the department, including talent acquisition, development, compensation, benefits, employee relations, and compliance. Thanks to her leadership, the company now boasts a workplace culture that prioritizes diversity, inclusion, and the well-being of its employees.

Candice’s approach to HR is rooted in her deep understanding of the vital connection between a positive and engaged workforce and the overall success of the organization.

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