Martha Daniel

Chief Executive Officer

Ms. Daniel is a pioneering force in the world of IT and cybersecurity, skillfully merging innovative thinking with business acumen to deliver advanced technology solutions. As the Founder, and CEO of IMRI, her strategic foresight has been instrumental in addressing complex business requirements with cutting-edge technology, thereby fortifying IMRI’s standing while enhancing the IT and security needs for a broad spectrum of government and commercial clients. Under Ms. Daniel’s leadership, IMRI has emerged as a leader in IT and cybersecurity, having successfully delivered over $350 million in contract awards and serving an extensive client base that includes the U.S Army, U.S Navy, State of California, MWD, and Bank of America, and more.

Prior to founding IMRI in 1992, Ms. Daniel served as the Chief Information Officer at FDIC/Resolution Trust Corporation, Senior Systems Engineer at IBM, and as a cryptologist in the U.S. Navy. Ms. Daniel holds a Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems from California State Polytechnic University, Pomona, and a Master of Business Administration from the University of La Verne. She is a frequent speaker and published author. Her co-authored works, “On the Other Side of Midnight 2000” and “Million Dollar Conversations,” along with her feature in “Women in Security,” reflect her unwavering dedication to technology, leadership, and community service.

Beyond her professional commitments, Ms. Daniel’s dedication extends to active community participation. She serves on numerous boards, including the University of La Verne Board of Trustees, Orange County United Way, and US Bank, while also being an active member of the Trusteeship — Los Angeles Chapter of the International Women Forum. As an Ordained Elder of the AME Church, her dedication to service, faith, and community reinforces her role as a pillar of strength and inspiration within her community.

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